Hyatt Regency Orange County

11999 Harbor Blvd.

Garden Grove, CA 92840

Unlike our past trainings this will be a WORKSHOP. That means that instead of folks standing in the front of the room for two days delivering the very best instruction, you’ll be lead through a series of exercises that are specifically designed to sculpt a real estate business that will allow you to close short sale transactions faster, and move you out of THE cog on the wheel position to running a business that pays you without you needing to have your hands on each part of the business. This is a 2 day workshop.

Day 1: 60 Day Approval Blueprint

Systems & Processes

We’re going to establish the systems and processes you NEED to have in action in order to close short sales faster, avoid unnecessary hold ups and more importantly remove yourself from the process entirely. If you’re going to succeed, you’ve got to eliminate your negotiations from being dependent on you.

People & Positions

We’re going to reveal, dissect and discuss exactly who you need to hire to handle negotiations & transaction coordination, how to pay them so you make money, and how to measure and motivate them to stay on the right time schedule. You’ll learn how to inoculate your negotiator and transaction coordinator from buying into what the banks tell them and maintain the vision necessary to direct your ‘ship’ to safe harbor. I’ve seen way too many people get hung up on this one step that is the gateway to becoming a top producing real estate business owner. Faster Closing. More Closes Each Year. More Money to You!

Day 2: 60 Day Marketing Blueprint

Marketing & Lead Conversion

Day 2 of the 60 Day Blueprint Workshop will be all about marketing, but unlike past ‘trainings’ I’m just going to be giving attendees a bunch of fish. Sure, I’ll explain how they were developed and how to tweak them, but those who attend will leave with actual marketing ‘fish’ in hand together with simple step by step recipes on how to use them. By the end of day 2 of the workshop you’ll know:
  • What to mail
  • Who to mail to
  • How to have them respond
  • What to say when they do
  • How to get them to meet with you

But that’s not enough

I’ll also show you EXACTLY what Trent is doing, step by step. You will:
  • Receive the exact pieces he’s using to create referral sources (folks sending him 8-10 leads a year…each)
  • Learn how he’s systematically generating referrals from his past clients EVERY MONTH without awkward scripts or begging (while Trent believes in and uses scripts, he does not like to ask for referrals).
  • Receive the exact templates Trent is using to generate these referrals…every month.

The secret to super charging direct mail, referral sources & client referrals

I will be sharing with Workshop Attendees a secret, that super charges ALL MARKETING & SALES efforts and reduces client non-compliance. It’s a secret as old as the written word. And while the fact that it has such dominance over the human mind is clearly documented and reinforced from childhood…this secret is avoided by 99.99% of the population like the plague. But I have another secret method, I’ll share only with those who attend, that eliminates EVERY SINGLE REASON that could possibly stop you from gaining the rewards it brings. Final hint: I’ve seen people amass a fortune off of this one secret, which you will use to make marketing, selling and gaining influence in your market effortless.

What’s the Investment?

If this workshop were not for our Short Sale Genius Members, I would be embarrassed to require such a tiny investment. There is no way that Day 2 alone is only worth $197. In fact, the amount of value is well beyond many multiples of what it will cost you to be with us and other successful real estate agents for these two days (April 26th & 27th) in Anaheim. But because your work is often thankless, but so critical, and because of your trust in Short Sale Genius and the team that stands behind that name, it’s our way of saying thank you. You’ll also be breaking down one of the LARGEST BARRICADES that 99% of all sales people use to KILL 60% of their potential sales. This single break through will make the investment to attend the workshop look like pennies. HINT: it’s not the absence of consistent follow up. In fact, the answer will completely floor you and cause you to shake your head in disbelief as you break it down. Personally, I’m hoping the excitement of realizing what is sitting right in front of you will be exciting enough that you won’t be depressed to realize how much business you’ve missed out on because you were miss informed by poor sales trainers and gurus in the past. But you won’t stop there…you’ll also nail out a specific Sales Process that will allow you to, step by step, move from increasing your listings, to removing yourself entirely from the listing process as it grows. These two days are all about how to gradually, or quickly, build a team that allows you to enjoy life. For myself, I use all my free time to run a couple other companies, one of which is Short Sale Genius. I do it because I love the challenge. For you it might mean freeing up 2 or 3 days a week to work on a hobby or serve in your community. Whatever it may be that drives you to build a business that will pay you significantly well, without draining the life out of you, join us April 26th & 27th in Anaheim, California so you can work through EXACTLY what you need to do to get there!