Trent Chapman, Outside Man

Trent started out in the Mortgage Business in the area of Construction Lending, where he eventually met a bank insider. At the time the insider worked in ‘asset management’ for one of the top construction lenders and happened to call Trent on one of his files (it ended well :) . A few years after they met, the insider continued working for the same lender and was transferred to the HELOC division and Trent became a Broker and opened an office in North San Diego County. Trent and the insider worked on some small projects together in 2006.

Early in 2007, after Trent had spent thousands of dollars learning all that the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ knew about short sales, he finally teamed up with the insider. Trent created a system to effectively acquire short sale listings, market them and negotiate with the lender and prove that it is in their best interest to accept the offers presented sooner rather than later based in part on what he learned from the bank insider. Trent lives with his wife Sarah and their 3 children in San Marcos, CA.

Ryan Chapman, Tech

When Trent began his mission to teach real estate professionals across the country how to take advantage of his bank insider knowledge to close short sales, he enlisted Ryan. Ryan leverages the internet to make the bank insider tools (like the Short Sale Calculator) and File Tracker accessible to thousands of real estate professionals across the country as they fight the banks to take care of their clients.

Ryan lives in San Marcos with his beautiful wife and 6 children. (yeah, that’s not a typo…6!)