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Media Archives Members of short sale genius have access to a huge data-base of training content. This means as a member you can go to the training calls, videos, and other content with a few clicks of your mouse. Trent Chapman and Lee Honish are the top in the field, providing the training that will give you the up to date information in the market that will help you adjust and be the most educated Real Estate Agent/Broker. Having access to the media archive will make it possible for you to go to the archives and find the answer to your questions that are stopping you from being able to close that file. What exactly will you find in the media archives?
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Here is what members have to say about the media archive: “Your guidance, forms, videos, webinars, and websites, are invaluable to helping agents who want to do short sale listings, while in turn, helping people with a positive alternative to going into foreclosure.”
Greg Marthaler

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