Bank of America Short Sale Escalation Web Tool

Posted on Dec 7, 2011 by Trent Chapman

As you probably are aware… Bank of America is one of the largest servicers/banks in the United States and if you have done more than 10 short sales, you undoubtedly have done at least one if not a few Bank of America short sales.  Bank of America adopted a short sale processing platform a couple years ago called Equator (originally REOTrans).  While Equator is a good platform for file processing, we still are often more successful by escalating files outside of Equator via email or phone directly to decision makers.

Well, Bank of America has grown tired of the constant side stepping of Equator for dispute resolution (that is my assumption) and created a new Web Tool that has been released to certain agents (I am assuming the most annoying of us that escalate often) to either 1) try to make it easier to get files approved and closed or 2) keep us from being so annoying.  I tend to believe it is the latter… but time will tell.

In this video, I’ll share with you how this simple Web Tool works.  If you have used it and have any feedback, please comment below as I have not yet made my final opinion on the service and it’s usefulness.

**You cannot use this tool unless BofA has “tapped you on the shoulder”, per se, and sent you an email telling you that they have set you up to login to the Short Sale Escalation Web Tool.  I don’t know if you can ask them directly for access or if this will be released to all agents eventually.**

Here are their instructions on when it is appropriate to escalate: CLICK HERE