How Agents Use Greeting Cards to Generate & Convert Leads

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 by Trent Chapman

Periodically, I sit back and try and take a clear look at the operations of my business. I highly recommend you do the same.

When I did this recently I realized that while my direct response marketing has been generating a steady flow of leads, follow up and conversion has been horrible. It definitely is my bottleneck right now.

I’ve had pretty good response using greeting cards to generate leads, so I know that they can be even more powerful for converting prospects to listings.

But I also know I don’t know everything, so I recently sent out a survey to a few thousand agents and asked them what they were doing with greeting cards. I also asked them specifically about a company that many agents have heard of or used called SendOutCards.

Now before you go there, I know they are a network marketing company. That’s not why I use them. In fact, I couldn’t explain anything about the MLM side of it. All I know is that I can send out personalized cards for WAY cheaper than I could any other way.

So I’ve really been interested in how successful agents are using the media of greeting cards.

Turns out that about 50% of all agents have heard of SendOutCards. 33% of those who took my survey (at the time of this writing) have an account. So I guess that it’s a pretty popular service. However, there were some really horror stories.

Anyway, in this video I share some of the strategies that agents are using. None of them require you to use any particular brand or company to employ them. So regardless of your opinion or knowledge of SendOutCards, check out this video and see if you can pick up a new way to connect with your prospects & clients!