November 1st FREE Webinar: How Two Agents Made The Top 250 Agent Team List for Production

Posted on Oct 28, 2011 by Trent Chapman

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My Guests Are 2 Agents Who Went From 16 closings each to over 160/year for the last couple years…

I asked them to share with you the top strategies they are using to put themselves in a position to consistently close over a 160 transactions each year. These guys have been featured in the ‘top 250 agent teams in the nation’ list. You’re going to want to pay close attention to what they have to say, because ‘success leaves clues’.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What one thing they focus on that ensures they close more transactions each year, even in a “bad market”
  • How much time they actually spend working “in” their business and “on” their business
  • One key rule they never break that consistently allows them to convert a very high percentage of their leads to listings
  • How they stumbled upon a unique but obvious lead source that pumps out warm leads that want to work with their team
  • Most importantly, how you can actually mimic their results by following their ‘success trail’

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