“When I first saw Lee speak I thought that this is just another one of those sales pitches where they sell you something and then send you packing while they pocket the cash. I decided to go for it and have been amazed by the level of support and ongoing training via conference calls and focus training events. The conference calls are very effective to keeping Short Sale Genius members up to date with the current trends and strategies in this constantly changing market. The level of support and training provided is unparalleled in this industry!”

Kyle Whissel
Bank Owned REO & Short Sale Team Leader
San Diego, CA

Peter Parker

“Cost was never a big issue for Suzie and I. This kind of information and support is worth whatever the program is priced at. I have looked a long time for this information. It is worth every penny. Short Sale Genius has given us the confidence, information and tools to help 14 families complete the sale of their property. We have 7 more in escrow. We totally rely on this system. It works!”

David Fahrny
Las Vegas, NV

Richard Gallaway

“When I went to the original seminar, I had had reasonable success with short sales, but not a lot of them. The main thing I was interested in was Short Sale Genius’ ‘insider’ information on the negotiating approach. I was amazed at what I learned, but most of all, how accurate he was on everything. I have not lost a single short sale using Short Sale Genius’ approach, but what really blew me away, was when I sold a gentleman’s home, he kept up his payments, like Lee recommended, did not get a deficiency judgment, and 5 months later, he bought a new home, and his credit score was 740. That was the pivotal moment for me, when I really knew Short Sale Genius had it over all the competition.”

Jean Thompson
Antelope, CA

Jennifer Escobar

“When we first heard about SSG, I thought it was just another startup trying to make a buck in the distress-property arena by providing the same old ‘just be patient and grind it out’ type of information that we already knew. Once we realized that the SSG concept was 180 degrees different than anything we’d heard before, we were eager to embrace it. Knowing how a banker looks at short sales makes all the difference in the world. It’s like playing poker with x-ray vision. All the other short sale programs continue to tell you the same old stuff. But the the SSG provides real hands-on training from a perspective that only someone with Lee’s loss-mitigation background can provide.”

Rod & Jamie Herman
Benicia, CA

Brian Bean

“What I didn’t realize was how critical the short sale genius network would be to my success at short sales – from using escalations to get files moved forward, to greatly increasing my commissions, I highly recommend the short sale genius program. I have used the short sale genius tools to stop foreclosure sales and remove recourse for my clients. Trent and Lee continue to provide new and valuable information on ensuring my short sales close and my clients are well taken care of.”

Liz Braman
West Hollywood, CA

Danica Vorkapich

“SSG gives you the knowledge, which should be viewed as “power” and you can turn that into confidence to close more deals, get paid 6% commission, and sometimes 7%, and charge fees for doing a great job and still help people in the process!”

Justin Ruzicka
Capital One Mitigation
Lehigh Acres, FL

“Today, a year after I’ve joined Short Sale Genius, I’ve even been helped to improve my team, my product, analyze my blind spots, and increase my success in Short Sales. After gazillion seminars, I can only say: Ignorance is no excuse and opportunity knocks. Hurry and open the door to the Short Sale Genius opportunity that comes to you. These guys know what you can be, just make it happen. The systems has it’s own error control. With them, you cannot fail… unless you want to.”

Aleyda DeMena
Henderson, NV

Dan Prorock

“When I first heard about short sale genius, I thought: My situation is not that bad: More appropriately I thought to myself I have success getting short sale listings. I get offers and get them to the lenders. Then I get ignored, or no where very slowly. While I have only been using the short sale genius stuff, approaches and techniques for a little over a month, I had 6 short sale offers in before going to and getting the short sale genius material (submitted 2 to 6 months earlier). After getting it, I took it to heart and have consciously used it to move these offers forward and submit 2 additional offers on new listings. All of these now have forward progress and I expect approval on two within 10 days. I just escalated another, and got a response within 48 hours. I don’t despise short sales like I used to and I look forward to more and qualifying the short sale before I get involved (using short sale genius). Thank you, before I was really hating the thought of short sale listings, but now I feel more confident and am having good success and look forward to the commission checks I’m confident are coming.”

Dennis Keith
Tempe, AZ

Bruce Hill

“I was hesitant at the beginning of the year when I was first heard about your system through a mastermind group I am a part of. I was selling lots of reo and didn’t feel I needed to ‘waste time’ on shorts sales. After seeing fellow members of my group start closing more and more short sales through the use and implementation of your system I attended one of Short Sale Genius’ workshops and I was on board. I still believe short sales are a ‘Waste of time’ IF YOUR NOT USING The short sale genius system. I Highly recommend the short sale genius if you want to stop ‘wasting’ your time working on short sales.”

Noe Villanueva
Oxnard, CA

Garland Perry

“I thought that it was too good to be true. It wasn’t until I heard the facts about short sales being here to stay and then getting the opportunity to ‘cruise’ the site through a colleague that was using it did I realize how good it really is.

I really didn’t want to be a part of short sales. I had done a few and they were ALL a pain in the butt. Between not getting paid or jerked around until buyers bailed, it was just a head ache I wanted to avoid. Using the system now helps me slice through most of the BS and gives me a clear path on how to reach distressed home owners and how to make it through the sale without getting the desire to chew on the end of a 12 gauge shot gun! :)”

Brett Starr
Gresham, OR

Jim Thor

“We figured we could wait to buy the Short Sale Genius program! With all of these ‘Short Sale Gurus’ out there are all beating the same drum…….we were not really impressed to see your offer when we came across it. Plus, in the last year, our team has taken numerous short sale training classes, and were thinking, “What really can these guys offer that I don’t already know?”

Well, we all would have to eat our words and wish our team had found you guys a year ago and not a month ago! Your program is no fluff and gives you ALL the details we need in order to effectively overcome the many challenges of the short sale.

However, the main bang for the buck is that Short Sale Calculator and how effective it is when you need to escalate a file. Thanks for giving us the proper ways to effectively escalate and win. This is just what we needed.”

Angie Denen
Phoenix, AZ

Conney Eliot

“I have to say this program has helped me be a better agent to help my clients. At first I thought, “do I really have the money to pay for yet another program???? YES!!!” I made my money back within that month. I only had two shorts sales at that time. I closed one immediately when I used the system. I was hooked, and still am. I have closed over 8 sales this year using the system. Short sales is about 35% of my business. What I really enjoy is the SSG website and mini conferences you guys put on, it helps me refocus and keep going.”

Sonia Petrovski
Murrieta, CA

Trent Slatton

“When I first saw the Short Sale Genius system I thought “This is a fantastic product. How can I not buy it? However, I can’t afford to spend that much money, it’s too expensive”. I was scraping by barely making enough closings to cover my basic needs. With a little help from my broker who saw the potential and my excitement level, he arranged to loan me the money to get started in the system as long as I showed him my progress. In just a few short months my business went from scraping by to having the best year of real estate in my life.

Now I look back and think “how could I not afford it? It’s so inexpensive for all the money it made me”. Not to mention that I have literally had negotiators calling me AT THE CLOSING TABLE trying to change the terms, and right there, in front of the clients I have used the techniques learned in the system and closed the deal.

All of my clients are so grateful when I forward them a copy of the approval letter. I also follow up with several books on rebuilding their credit, and becoming more financial stable. You know, Dave Ramsey books, as well as “Rich dad poor dad” and “the richest man in babylon”. My clients LOVE reading these books because they feel like not only did I help them out of a tough spot, but I care enough for them to give them the tools to rebuild their financial lives better than ever. This is all thanks to the Short Sale Genius system. Any agent that doesn’t see the value in this system, I am sorry for you. Any agent that can’t afford the system, I say “yes you can”. Find someone that believes in you and ask for help. My broker has never been happier in an investment to an agent.”

Ben Eckenroed
Salt Lake City, UT

Gayle Curtus

“When I first purchased the system I originally thought I would be returning it because it ‘Cost Too Much’. However, after reading the system and watching the DVD’™s I started closing more transactions and realized that if I followed the strategies and techniques taught I would close more transactions. Which I started to do immediately! I can honestly say that what I have learned from short sale genius has helped me obtain a reputation of being a short sale ‘expert’.”

Reese Stewart
Orlando, FL

Kathy Scribner

“After hearing Lee speak I was confident the program would work and I regretted waiting that long to sign up. Since signing up I have received incredibly valuable information and received communication and/or responses through the escalation letters on all of my unanswered files.”

Blair Ballin
Phoenix, AZ

Billy-joe Downing

“Due to the fact I worked in the REO Industry for the past 5 years in Las Vegas, I was well aware of Banks and their ‘Protocol’ and how they do not veer from it. It is all in the numbers and that is it. I saw many Short Sale enthusiasts around me completely fail. Our office would not accept them since they were more than a pain than lucrative.

I was impressed on how simple the system was because In all actuality I already understood the Process from working the REO’™s for the Banks, I knew what they wanted. SSG has a system that I knew I had to have! I am so impressed of the ease of the website, the resources and most of all the members. This is my career now and I am looking forward to helping Homeowners and closing deals with the confidence that I know more than many other agents, Now I am the ‘Expert’ thanks to SSG.”

Jenn Sims
Emmet, ID

Glen Russel

“I have a negotiator/ partner who works that end and uses the tools, provided by SSG, every day. It is quick, easy and provides a framework for tracking deals as well as telling Ned what to do next. It makes you responsible, from which profits will follow. Ned has already paid for himself with this system. Would I recommend SSG, Lee, Trent? In a flash.”

Dick Todhunter
Normandy Park, WA

Robin Watsonberg

“For me, when I joined your program it was just ‘what am I getting myself into’. You see, I’™ve been had more than once by over-hyped systems that guarantee an end to frustration etc. I was skeptical at first and to be honest became a member because a short sale client of mine insisted that I do so on his transaction.

I know that every time I help an owner stay in their home, or short sale, or whatever it takes to avoid a foreclosure I’™m helping not only a family but my community. It’™s a business that lines up so much that I believe in. When I listen to your calls, solutions, methods etc I know that you are aligned in much the same way. You believe in this like I do and your truth, passion, and heart came through in your calls, one day seminars etc and that is what overcame my skepticism.”

Bryan Myers
Santa Cruz, CA

“We have successfully closed 15 short sales this year! I use your website on each and every one of them. The estimated HUD is a HUGE tool for me, and just the later part of this year have I started using the Escalation letter and calculator, which has gotten me response just when I felt like giving up. This is a hard business, and we have to work probably 3-4 times harder than a regular sale, but the gratification I get by helping others is awesome. It has helped me grow in so many ways, and If I can sell real estate in these times and find another purpose to grow myself as a person, then count me in! I love this business, (even though sometimes I want to pull my hair out). I know once you arm yourself with the proper tools and the confidence, you can accomplish a lot more than you think. I am preparing my goals for the next year, and have expectations to get a minimum of 45 short sales closed! I will use your website and the tools you have in place to help accomplish that.

When I met Lee a year ago, I thought he was awesome, and I shared some of his heartfelt beliefs, I still believe that today. I am looking forward to getting organized and concentrate on more productive activity in the next year, so I can help more families save their home from foreclosure and still have some time to spend with my family!

When I first heard about short sale genius, I had already done a few short sales and was flying by the seat of my pants. I knew Short Sale Genius was just the tool I needed to get organized and duplicate the short sale process.

So thank you for keeping your side of the deal, and keeping us updated on all the current news and tools to work with these lenders to get short sales done!”

Debbie Brown
Rockwall, TX

“When I first heard of short sale genius I thought it was too expensive. Then I considered the fact that short sales were here to stay and this system is the only thing I had heard of so far that made any sense and played the game from the bank side. I bought the system and it has kept me in business the last year and a half. I have had 100% success on the files I have submitted to the banks and I am guilty of not even using all the tools. It was one of the best business decisions I ever made.”

Katherine Sakkis
Apollo Beach, FL

“I thought the price was too HIGH and questioned if I should believe Lee as he came across very strong. I knew he knew his stuff but could I really use it as I am not a pushy type person. Well, the cost is really PRICELESS since all the knowledge I have gained through the manual, classes and your website have been what has paid me through the last 2 years. I have 100% success in closing my short sale listings and would be just another agent on the street saying, ‘SHORT SALES ARE TOO HARD.’ They are work, but they are rewarding for my clients and myself!”

Denise Greenlee
Tucson, AZ

“When I first heard about the Short Sale Genius program my immediate thought was it cost too much, but it didn’t take me long to change my mind.

I live in California, one of several Short Sale Capitals of the United States. The Short Sale Genius program gave me the confidence to approach homeowners and short sale transactions knowing I am equipped with the necessary skills to close the deal and help them move forward with their lives. While my friends struggle with their short sales, I follow the system and it works. It feels great to help people navigate their way to a brighter future.”

Karen Bergan
El Cajon, CA