Short Sale Calculator

We know the importance of providing all the required documents to the lender and making sure the file is stacked property.  What about when it comes down to the numbers…  What then?

Have you ever wanted to know the numbers the bank uses to determine if they will accept your short sale offer?  Have you ever wanted to show the bank that the short sale will net them more than a foreclosure?

Well look no further!! Short Sale Genius members are able to negotiate with Short Sale lenders in confidence knowing that there offers will net the banks more money than a foreclosure. Do you wish you have the confidence to negotiate with the bank?

Here is the SECRET WEAPON!!  With The Short Sale Genius calculator all you need to get started is a small bit of information from the seller/client, an estimated HUD prepared by your trusted closing agent and you are ready to get started.

The calculator will provide you with the numbers down to the dollars and cents that the bank will net short sale versus foreclosure.  This tool will make negotiations with the bank much easier. Numbers don’t lie so prove it to them and have a better chance of acceptance. This will show the bank negotiator that you know your numbers and that you are confident that this is the best offer for the property. You can even print out the calculation to send in with your offer and the estimated HUD.

This tool will provide you the POWER to show that you know the numbers. This will separate you from 90% of all the other agents that are sending in short sale files. If the negotiator can sense that you know what you are talking it will provide you the UPPER hand you need at the negotiation table.

Short Sale
1st Lien Net 373,300 1st Lien Loss -26,700
1st Lien Dollar 0.93

1st Lien Net 313,916 1st Lien Loss -69,667
1st Lien Dollar 0.78