Short Sale Magic

Are you over burdened with follow up calls to buyers and buyer agent? Having a hard time keeping buyers during the short sale process? Want an automated way to keep all parties updated on the progress of the short sale transaction?

Well, Short Sale Genius has another great SECRET WEAPON!! Never again will you need to take additional time to keep your buyers excited and updated on the current status of their short sale. allows you to automatically update your buyers every time progress is made on their short sale. This website allows you to keep the buyers up to date as they stay involved, excited, and committed; keeping them from walking away from the transaction. also allows you to communicate with sellers providing updates on the status of their short sales. Also you can send request for updated documents that your seller can upload directly to the website to allow you more time to negotiate the sale on their behalf. along with File Tracker will help you streamline and automate your negotiation process. Making it easier and more efficient for you and for the buyers you work with.