Short Sale Software

When assembling a file for a short sale a lot of documents, contracts, and contacts will be needed in order to push a sale through and stop a foreclosure. Many agents struggle to find a method to organizing all of the necessary items in a way that keeps them working as efficiently as possible.

File Tracker is a software used by hundreds of agents around the US that allows them to organize each file individually and in one place. It allows each agent the ability to access their file anytime, anywhere. From their office, on the road, or at home.  From beginning to end File Tracker can be the tool to guide you through the process of closing a successful short sale.

File Tracker includes everything you will need to work a successful short sale without adding unnecessary clutter. With File Tracker you are able to:

Upload every document that would be kept in the hard copy of the file. Because it‘s an online service it allows you to access any documents from anywhere.

- Input all important information on the one page allowing access at a glance from the sale date to the purchase price, liens on the property, loan numbers, and so much more.

- Set reminders for phone calls and tasks. Because we know that when working one short sale (or multiple at once) there are countless tasks and calls to be made, and keeping them straight can be difficult, but not anymore.

Upload contacts, allowing you to have an entire phone book of helpful contacts at your finger tips, no matter where you are.

Log your progress as you go, making it easy to reference back to what you’ve said and done in the past. A long with this the logs are also sent automatically to an RSS feed allowing your seller to see, and be a part of the process every step of the way.

Along with each of these features the File Tracker includes a calendar that automatically updates as you add tasks and call reminders from each file’s page. It also notes each file’s foreclosure date and sets reminders for the files that need more urgent attention. This makes it the most simple yet best short sale software available.

“It has helped me to keep track of my files much more efficiently than before. No more wasted time I know what needs to be done and when to do it the moment I sign in. I am better able to keep all parties informed w/ the RSS feed, no more individual emails to keep track. Every time I call a bank now I know exactly what my last conversation was with them and who I talked to  because I can log it all in as I’m doing it. So afterwards I’m not trying to decipher my chicken scratch notes. Much more confident in talking to the banks, I’m no longer afraid of the negotiators. I now have confidence. I don’t have to play a guessing game.”

Roxanne B.
San Diego, CA