Short Sale Specialists

Are you stuck?

Don’t know where to go next? The bank just throw a monkey wrench into your short sale transaction? Don’t know where to go from here?

Sometimes do you feel like you are all along on a raft in the middle of the harsh ocean of short sales.  Do you wonder if the bank really just wants to foreclose?  Where do you go to find the answers to these questions and many more.

You are not alone!  The Short Sale Genius system provides you continued support throughout your short sale transaction.  We are not just a fancy software system. The shows you how to package a spectacular short sale file. We are a complete comprehensive short sale program.  We help you from start to finish. Because let’s be honest the most important part of the short sale transaction is to close the deal.

We won’t leave you alone on a raft to maneuver through the treacherous oceans that is negotiating with the lender. Because we know it can feel like a never ending battle.

But we are here to help. Short Sale Genius provides you with Customer Support to help you get through those rocky times. We provide you with ideas, suggestions and answers to help keep your transaction on track.