The Reason Why Banks Are Winning The Foreclosure War

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 by Trent Chapman

I gotta say that short sales have NEVER been ‘fun’ & sometimes they can be so frustrating!

If you have ever thought or said, “I can’t STAND doing short sales because…[insert any's probably a good one]!” you are definitely not alone.

However, I recently came up with an interesting list of “beliefs” that can change your results and view of short sales.

After talking with several other very successful short sale agents, I was able to drill down and identify what I call “The 5 Things”. These are the 5 key beliefs that are consistent with each of these agents, which has made them VERY successful in building incredible businesses and earning hundreds of thousands, each year, all while thousands of agents around them are struggling to just stay in the business.

You’ve heard it before… “success leaves clues”…so let’s follow these clues.

I sat down and recorded a couple of videos this week to share with you what I found…which I should have sat down, identified and shared with you MONTHS ago (Sorry!).

This is the first in a series of videos I’ll share with you, each of which contain a powerful belief that will help us to collectively ‘shift the momentum’ so that the banks won’t be “winning” anymore as we stop them from beating up our clients, allowing good deals to foreclose and stealing our commissions.



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