Top 4 Questions To Ask Any Short Sale Negotiator

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 by Trent Chapman

Recently, I’ve had a number of agents ask me how they can know if a 3rd party negotiation service knows what they are doing.

In response I lay out in this video the 4 questions you must know the answers to if you are going to trust your reputation to a 3rd party negotiator. I’ve personally heard from dozens of agents (Lee’s heard from hundreds) who have blindly trusted the wrong person/company with their negotiations only to find out 5-6 months in that NOTHING has happened to help their client. They are left scrambling to find a way to stall foreclosure as they work day and night to close the short sale.

Personally, I believe that an agent should have their negotiations performed by an employee or do it themselves. Your reputation is too valuable. However, I understand the draw of wanting to receive all the benefit of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and all the goodwill that brings, but not all the headaches that can come with negotiating with the banks.

This Siren’s Song has been used frequently to con an agent into doing something foolish, but my hope is that you’ll use these 4 questions to curb that alluring tune and make sure you land on the safe shores of a closed short sale.

If you negotiate your own short sales with the bank, you better be able to answer these questions correctly too!

Short sales truly provide the greatest opportunity to establish yourself as a top real estate agent in your community…IF…you get them closed!

Put whoever negotiates your short sales to the test.

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