Trent Chapman Shares How to Get Buyers to Stay in a Short Sale

Posted on Apr 8, 2011 by Trent Chapman

Do you hate short sales because it often seems like you have to go through several buyers before the transaction finally closes?

Well, what I’ve done in this video is share with you a couple tips, whether you are a buyers agent looking to keep your buyer in ‘first position’ or a listing agent hoping to only have to get the short sale approved ONE time with one buyer, this video will show you how to make sure that this happens.

The first tip in this video will show you how to “lock in” good buyers and weed out the buyers who have 10 offers out on 10 different properties, waiting for whichever is the first one to get approved.

The second tip in this video will teach you how to keep your buyer as the “primary buyer” even if the bank makes your original contract with the seller unenforceable by changing the price or terms.

As always, consult with your broker or attorney to make sure these strategies can be used in your state.